Reset my admin password on my Plesk Linux server

This can be accomplished with the ch_admin_passwd binary.

[root@plesklinux root]# cd /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/

[root@plesklinux bin]# ./ch_admin_passwd --help./ch_admin_passwd:

Utility to set Plesk adminstrator’s password

Gets password from the environment variable PSA_PASSWORD
Password should be from 5 to 16 symbols and should not contain login name, whitespace, quotes or national characters.

Usage: ./ch_admin_passwd -h, --help

display this help and exit.
We must export the variable before running the binary. We will unset the variable when we are done.

[root@plesklinux bin]# export PSA_PASSWORD='newpass'

[root@plesklinux bin]# echo $PSA_PASSWORDnewpass

[root@plesklinux bin]# ./ch_admin_passwd

[root@plesklinux bin]# export PSA_PASSWORD=

[root@plesklinux bin]# cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadownewpass

[root@plesklinux bin]#